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Boost Your Bookings with AIYA New Integration--Reserve with Google My Business

Reach more customers, generate more revenue. No additional cost to existing clients.

online reservation

Your customers can now easily and quickly discover and book your business with Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Customers who want to book a table from Google will be navigated to your AIYAReserve website through search results and proceed with their bookings. Alternatively, they can make a reservation directly on Google. The feature of Reserve with Google connects you to your customers directly, provides a more seamless customer experience and reaches a wider range of customers. In this way, your restaurant can eliminate high commissions from third-party providers and earn higher profits, while gaining access to valuable customer data to help formulate business operations and growth strategies.

online booking

Why Should Restaurants Use It?

  • Lower costs, higher profits.

AIYA provides restaurants with a commission-free online reservation solution that allows restaurants to make a connection with Google, a valuable channel for promotion, at no additional cost, saving restaurant money and retaining profits.

  • Increase visibility and broaden customer reach.

Reserve with Google provides a new powerful booking channel to bring more customers to you. Partner restaurants will receive the highly visible reservation button in Google Search. More visibility means more potential customers, converting more searches into restaurant profits.

  • Streamline reservation management with AIYA.

Reservations made through Google are sent directly to the restaurant, just like reservations made on AIYAReserve, increasing the efficiency of reservation management. The process is unified across all the different channels, avoiding cumbersome workflows, and reducing error rates. In addition, changes made by restaurants on AIYAReserve will be promptly updated on Google.

  • Higher customer satisfaction.

Guests do not need an account to make a reservation on Google, they can conveniently book through the reservation button and do not need to submit their contact information every time. The reservation process is simple, fast, and efficient for customers, providing them with a satisfying booking experience before they dine.

  • Gain more valuable customer data.

Through Google, restaurants can reach more potential customers and retain customer data. Based on the data, AIYA can provide reports and marketing tools to help restaurants gain insight into booking trends.


How Does It Work?

1. Customers find your restaurant through Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant.

2. Customers browse your restaurant profile.

3. Customers book tables at your restaurant on Google by clicking on the "Reserve a Table" button.

4. Reservation information is sent to you as normal.

5. Customers will automatically receive reminders of their forthcoming appointments and directions to your venue.

6. After the booking, customers will be encouraged to provide reviews on your GMB page, increasing awareness and attracting more new customers.

free consultation

How to Enable the Feature of Reserve with Google?

Not a restaurant partner yet?

Contact our AIYA consultant to find out how to get started and benefit from Reserve with Google.

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