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Cutting-Edge Tech Products Revealed at the National Restaurant Association Show

The National Restaurant Association Show is a hub of innovation, showcasing cutting-edge technologies for the restaurant industry. This article will highlight four exciting tech products that caught our attention at this year's show. These products are set to revolutionize the dining experience and streamline restaurant operations. Let's delve into the world of smart innovations making their way into restaurants.

Tablz: Charging Extra for the Best Table

Tablz is a groundbreaking technology that allows restaurants to sell reservations to their most coveted tables. Integrating seamlessly with popular reservation platforms like OpenTable and Resy, Tablz offers customers the option to choose their desired table for a price. From a spot at the sushi counter for as low as $5 to a high-end steakhouse experience priced at $150, this innovation caters to customers seeking exclusivity and unique dining experiences. With Tablz, restaurants keep 70% of the reservation price and no monthly subscription fees. Around 100 restaurants across 20 multi-concept restaurant groups are utilizing this technology.

Heinz Remix Machine: Letting Customers Create Their Own Sauce

The Heinz Remix machine, inspired by Coca-Cola's Freestyle machine, brings personalization to condiments. Customers can choose from a variety of sauce bases, flavor enhancers, and intensity levels to create up to 200 unique sauce combinations. The machine dispenses the chosen elements into a cup, ensuring a mess-free mixing process. Although the machine is still in the early stages, with only two units manufactured, the goal is to pilot it in restaurants later this year or early next. This innovation empowers customers to personalize their meals and adds an element of excitement to their dining experience.

PreciTaste's Computer Vision System: Previewing Pizza

PreciTaste's computer vision system is designed to help restaurant operators track product levels efficiently. However, its capabilities extend beyond inventory management. PreciTaste's smart cameras offer a unique feature for pizza concepts, allowing customers to preview their pizzas before they are delivered. By capturing an image of the finished pie and sending it to the customer for approval, this technology enhances order accuracy and serves as a record for the restaurant in case of any issues during transit. PreciTaste's system revolutionizes the delivery experience, providing transparency and assurance to customers.

Coca-Cola's SmartSortAI: Recycling Smarter

Partnering with SmartSortAI, Coca-Cola introduces a high-tech recycling system to promote sustainability in the supply chain. A screen positioned above the bins uses advanced technology to identify the type of waste being disposed of, guiding users on whether it should go into the recycling, compost, or landfill bin. This innovation not only encourages recycling but also addresses the concerns of environmentally conscious consumers. By ensuring proper waste segregation, the system aims to enhance recycling efforts and reduce environmental impact.

In addition to the remarkable tech products showcased at the National Restaurant Association Show, it is important for restaurant owners to recognize the broader applications of technology in improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer service, and boosting revenue sales. AIYA Technology offers a suite of innovative tech solutions designed specifically for the restaurant industry.

1.Restaurant POS System: AIYA Technology's POS system is a game-changer for streamlining order management, inventory tracking, and payment processing. With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and real-time analytics, the POS system empowers restaurants to optimize their operations, improve order accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency.

2.Tableside Ordering System: Enhance the dining experience with AIYAPad. By equipping servers with handheld devices, they can take orders directly at the table, eliminating the need for manual order-taking and reducing errors. This efficient solution leads to faster service, improved customer satisfaction, and increased table turnover.

3.Online Ordering System: Embrace the growing trend of online ordering with AIYAOrder. This platform allows customers to conveniently place orders through websites or mobile apps, expanding your reach beyond the physical establishment. With features like order customization, secure payment processing, and integration with delivery services, you can boost sales and cater to the evolving preferences of tech-savvy customers.

4.Robot Server: Embrace the future of dining with AIYARobot. These autonomous robots can navigate restaurant spaces, deliver food and beverages to tables, and even interact with customers. Not only do they enhance operational efficiency by reducing wait times, but they also provide a unique and memorable dining experience, attracting new customers and creating a buzz around your restaurant.

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