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Maximize Your Restaurant Sales on Valentine's Day with These 8 Creative Promotion Ideas

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. According to Restaurant Dive, about 25 percent of Americans typically eat out on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, as a restaurant manager, it’s necessary to employ some unique advertising strategies to make your restaurant a better alternative.Try some of these novel techniques to restaurant marketing, menu ideas, and Valentine's Day restaurant discounts and promotions to help maximize your piece of restaurant spend.


Here are 8 romantic Valentine’s Day promotion ideas that will stand out and entice diners.

  • Establish a New Atmosphere

82% of diners would prefer a memorable experience over a present from their significant other. Make sure your restaurant is filled with love by changing the décor and playing romantic music.

  • Create a Special Menu

A well-designed digital menu can grab a lot of attention this Valentine’s Day. You could develop a category called “Valentine's Only” that includes celebratory foods, desserts, and cocktails.

  • Send Guests an Email to Make Them Feel Special

Restaurant Customer management features in POS and online ordering systems such as AIYAPOS and AIYAOrder allow you to see which customers order the most frequently and what they prefer to order. You can segment your guests and send them bespoke emails that feel like they’re just for them.

  • Promote Your Campaign

No one will know what unique holiday events are taking place at your restaurant unless you inform your customers. You may utilize an online ordering system (such as AIYAOrder) and send emails to consumers to keep them up to date on the latest discounts, and the AIYA Marketing team will assist you in sharing Valentine's Day activities on social media and restaurant websites.

  • Discount for Pre-Ordering

Offering discounts for pre-ordering can increase more revenues to you. AIYAOrder system may assist you in better managing online orders and avoiding unnecessary client wait times. It also provides a non-commission delivery service, saving you more costs. Relevant information should be synced to your website, and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Encourage Photos

You can also set up Valentine’s Day-themed backgrounds at the entrance and provide a holiday-only cocktail and dessert deal to encourage clients to take photos and share them on social media platforms. Remember to share those photos on the restaurant’s official platforms.

  • Take Special Request

On Valentine's Day, many people opt to propose to their significant other. You may sustain client ties by assisting customers in creating distinctive ceremonies and offering couples with fascinating experiences. Using an online reservation system such as AIYA Reservation System, will help you accept and track reservations, allowing you to set up your environment in advance. This reduces room for error and saves you time.

  • Prepare Special Gifts for the Couples

Give the couple some chocolates, pink toys, and flowers. Thank them for coming, ordering, or doing takeout/delivery business. Make it personal by including a note from the owner. Personalize it by inserting a note from the owner. Use this chance to turn in-store diners into out-of-store diners and vice versa.

If you haven’t started on your Valentine’s Day marketing plan yet, reach out to the AIYA Marketing Team for more inspiration.


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