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Maximizing Restaurant Revenue with Online Ordering

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

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In this evolving digital landscape, online ordering has taken the restaurant industry by storm. With approximately 70% of customers now preferring to order food online, it has become essential for restaurant owners to tap into this booming trend. In this article, we will delve into a range of highly effective strategies that can be employed to unleash the full potential of online ordering, ultimately maximizing restaurant revenue and ensuring long-term success in this dynamic market.

  • Embrace the Digital Trend

To fully leverage the online ordering trend, it is essential to integrate an online ordering system seamlessly into your restaurant’s operations. Introducing a user-friendly online ordering system allows customers to easily browse menus, place orders, and make convenient payments. A seamless digital experience can help restaurant owners attract a large customer base and significantly increase revenue.

  • Optimize Customer Experience by Leveraging Big Data

According to the 2017 Restaurant Success Report, 95% of restaurant owners believe technology improves productivity. You can tailor offers based on individual preferences and past orders using customer data obtained through the online ordering system. This personalized approach not only boosts productivity but also creates a more satisfying and engaging customer experience, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

  • Cooperate with A Commission-Free Delivery Platform

Expanding delivery coverage is an effective strategy to capture a larger market share. However, commissions from third-party platforms can significantly impact restaurant sales, with up to 30% of revenue being accounted for by these commissions (Impacts of Third-Party Platform Delivery Charges on Local Restaurants). To maximize profits, consider integrating an online ordering system that offers commission-free delivery services. By reducing delivery costs, you can increase revenue while still providing customers with a convenient and cost-effective delivery option.

Adapting to these effective strategies is essential for restaurant owners looking to maximize revenue. AIYAOrder offers two tailored solutions for the restaurant industry: the AIYAOrder App and the AIYAOrder Pro. These powerful tools enhance your online ordering process, providing comprehensive features and exceptional functionality. Both solutions provide commission-free service and can be integrated with AIYAPOS seamlessly.

AIYAOrder app is a customizable white-label app exclusively designed for restaurants. It establishes a robust online presence, enabling customers to place orders, browse menus, track deliveries, and engage directly with your brand.

AIYAOrder Pro is the ultimate toolkit, providing a comprehensive online ordering solution. It encompasses a robust online ordering system, personalized mobile app, branded website, ordering QR code, two domains, and a kitchen printer. With AIYAOrder Pro, you can unlock the full potential of your online ordering capabilities.

By adopting AIYAOrder, restaurants can tap into the vast potential of online ordering, surpassing customer expectations and achieving unprecedented revenue growth.


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