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Introducing AIYA Online Order Beyond!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hello Merchants!

Welcome to our blog site! If you came from our e-mail and wish to learn more about our update or wish to sign up for the Beta, congrats! You are at the right place! Just keep reading and fill out your info through the link below. Or if you are a new merchant, then you are also welcome to learn about our latest update and join AIYA Online Order!

Here’s a list of the fixes and improvements we added to our new system.

1. Revamped Layouts.

·We revamped the layouts of the ordering, checkout, and confirmation pages on both PC and mobile. Adding “delivery info” to the PC website, which displays delivery fee structures.

·This should allow our customers to have a better understanding of their orders.

An example of delivery info.

2. Unavailable Item Auto Hide.

·Items not served in the current period will automatically be moved to the bottom of the ordering page.

·Moving irrelevant items out of the way should help customers make better decisions.

3. Made improvements to the checkout payment process.

(1) Removed the time limit on the payment placing page.

·Customers can now take as long as they like to fill out the payment information.

(2) Moving to the payment page will no longer delete items from customers’ shopping carts.

·Items in the shopping cart will only be removed after the payment is completed.

4. “Item Search” Function.

·We added the "item search" function so customers don’t have to scroll through the whole page just to find the one item they love.

An example of our search function.

5. Numeric input for item quantity.

·The item detail page now supports numeric input for item quantity.

·Allow customers to order 20 pies of pizza for their lunch party.

6. Made fixes and improvements to the merchant’s dashboard.

(1) Added the ability to send test e-mails for the e-mail marketing function.

(2) Made fixes to the e-mail marketing function.

AIYA Online Order Beyond is scheduled to launch around Oct. 21st. If you are interested in testing out the new UI with us before the launch date, please click the button below and fill in your information. Our team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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